What is Direct to Garment Printing?

DTG is printing directly onto the garment via a specialized printer. This allows us to print full color in one pass with no limitations to the number of colors, gradients, etc.

Where are your shirts printed?

All of our shirts are printed in house in Phoenix, Arizona. We do not contract out our prints, use a Print on Demand company, or have anything printed overseas. The Drunken Leprechaun prints every shirt himself to ensure quality.

How durable is the print?

When printed and cured correctly, your garment will last just as long, if not longer, than a screen printed shirt. While screen printed shirts may crack over time, you will never find that with a properly printed DTG shirt.

My shirt feels starchy and has a square press mark on it...

When we prepare your shirt for printing, we spray magical leprechaun dust on it which allows the ink to adhere properly and vibrantly. This will all come out in the first wash, along with any press marks (the ink is cured permanently via heat once printed). Please be sure to wash your shirt before wearing.

What is this 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you advertise?

We stand behind everything we print with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and durability guarantee. You shirt should look just as good after 10 washes as it does when you first got it. If there are any issues with your print, quality, or garment at all, please click the contact button above and let us know. We will be sure to make it right for you.

Can you print on shirts that are not 100% cotton? How about Polyester?

While we can technically print on other fabrics and blends, 100% ringspun or combed cotton produces the best results. DTG inks adhere to cotton, and with that we cannot print on 100% polyester or low cotton blends. We have done rigorous testing on multiple brands / blends and print on the best shirts available for our process. Quality is of the utmost importance to us.

Do you have any other colors besides black? How about different styles?

Since we print everything in house, black is the most commonly requested and also what we keep in stock at all times. We are in the process of expanding our stock on hand to other colors and styles in the near future. We want anything we sell to be in stock at all times which allows us to get the shirt out to you much faster.

Do you print anything that is not offensive?

Absolutely! Offensive designs and shirts are just our specialty. We can print anything you want. The only limit is your imagination. Check out our Custom Orders section for more information.


You talk about these on your site, where the hell are they?

Coming Soon! These are products that we currently offer in our store locally, but they will be coming to the website soon!


How long does it take to print my shirt?

All shirts will print within 3 business days of you placing your order. Since we stock all blank shirts in the store, there is no delay while we wait for the shirts to be delivered. Once printed they will ship via the shipping method you choose at checkout.

What shipping methods do you offer?

Currently we ship via USPS. This is the cheapest and fastest shipping method currently available to you.

Do you ship international?

Currently we only offer domestic shipping. If the demand arises for offensive items in international markets, we may offer that in the future.